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Intergalactic Trading Post

Jorge Gutierrez Official Event T-shirt (LE100)

This stellar design from Jorge Gutierrez is sure to impress and be a conversation starter. Jorge was a featured muralist at Quasar 2019, and we are thrilled to be working with him again to bring you this limited edition run of event memorabilia. Only 100 of these will be printed, so be sure to order yours before they sell out!

On-site price: $40

$35 preorder

Quasar Symbols Official Event T-shirt

This design features the official 2023 Quasar Festival graphic on the front – a collaboration between Neuro.Studio founding member Re:Fractal and Quasar owner Firecat – with the full lineup on the back, and ringed with our event symbols around the bottom on both sides. Made of super soft, fire-safe cotton. This design is what’s included in the Merch Pack. Save $5 by pre-ordering your shirt with your event passes.

On-site price: $30

$25 preorder

2023 Official Limited Edition Hat Pins

The 2023 official hat pin will be offered in 4 colorways, with a total of 150 made, randomly distributed among buyers (blind bagged). All variants feature elements filled with glow enamel and glitter, with different metals to complement the pallete:

  • LE60 on purple metal
  • LE40 on copper
  • LE30 on gold
  • LE20 on anodized rainbow
On-site price: $25

$20 preorder